About Douglas Kalis

Douglas is an internationally accredited Forensic Psychophysiologist. He graduated as Polygraph Examiner from the American International Institute of Polygraph with distinction.

Douglas is a member of the American Polygraph Association (APA) and the Southern African Polygraph Federation (SAPFED).

Douglas adheres and subscribes to the SAPFED Guiding Principles, Code of Ethics, Code of Practice and the APA Standards of Practice.  

Douglas has over twenty-five years’ relevant experience in forensic investigations, business intelligence, security and risk management operations.

Douglas successfully completed detective training from the South African Police College for Advanced Training in 1992.  In the same year, he completed the Forensic Course for Investigating Officers.

Douglas was selected for transfer into the police intelligence structures where he worked in various specialized intelligence and investigative units. He was directly involved with investigations involving crimes against the state, international organized crime syndicates, local gangsterism and racketeering.  It was during his vetting for a top-secret security clearance, that Douglas was first exposed to the Polygraph and its applications.

During his service, Douglas trained as a crime analyst and also completed the South African Police Course on Forensic Statement Analysis and Interviewing Techniques. (Later to be refreshed at the Faculty of Economic Sciences, Technikon Pretoria).

During his period as operative and investigator, Douglas gained first-hand in-depth knowledge of criminalistics as it pertains to the South African Culture.  

Subsequent to resigning from the Police, Douglas pursued a corporate career, focussing on commercial risk management and investigations.

Douglas expanded his subject-matter knowledge by obtaining various other relevant certifications and accreditations.